SubPod ModBed Compost Review

SubPod Modbed Garden Bundle Review

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UPDATED 2/2024: I am so sad to tell you that Subpod has shut down! You can no longer buy from the Subpod website. You can get a limited amount on Amazon and Target. 

Your next best bet for a similar product would be the Vego in-ground compost system.  

Original post is staying on this site just in case you want to see the review for yourself and have a chance to get a used one!

Have you found yourself in the market for a new balcony planter? One that also has a compost system? You’re in luck because I have the best small space gardening solution for you: the Subpod Modbed balcony planter. The SubPod Modbed raised planter bed is the ultimate small space compost and gardening duo. The SubPod mini compost system is a groundbreaking composting system that allows you to compost with worms easily directly in your balcony planter.

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What is a SubPod Modbed?

A SubPod composter is an in-ground vermicompost system that can be placed in a raised garden bed.  The SubPod Modbed is balcony planter that has enough room for a SubPod Mini.

To me, the SubPod is a modern day, easy to assemble, take on a traditional African keyhole garden where a compost basket for food scraps is placed in the middle of a raised garden.

The SubPod Modbed Bundle combines the convenience of the SubPod in a system that works for small outdoor spaces, particularly a balcony! The Modbed acts as a growth hub, providing the necessary conditions for the growth of healthy vegetables and thriving plants.

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SubPod ModBed Compost System Review- picture of Hannah composting in her SubPod ModBed

What’s included in the SubPod Modbed Garden Bundle?

The SubPod Modbed Garden bundle comes with the following:

  • SubPod Mini
  • Modbed balcony planter
  • Aerator- manual compost mixer
  • Worm blanket

What’s not included in the SubPod Modbed bundle:

  • Worms- you can buy them on Amazon, from a bait shop or from a pet supply store- many supplies reptiles with red wigglers.
Image of the SubPod Modbed Garden Bundle

What are the benefits of the SubPod Modbed?

Compact design: The Modbed’s compact design is the biggest selling factor. The small size makes it perfect for balcony gardens and corners of the home. I have mine on my lanai.

Customizable: The Modbed’s modular nature allows for customization and expansion, with the option to add an extra Modbed to accommodate larger composting needs. The lockable wheels provide flexibility, enabling you to position the SubPod Modbed in your desired location.

Easy way to compost food: Holds up to 22 pounds of food waste a week! The obvious benefit of the SubPod Modbed is its ability to transform organic waste into organic fertilizer, thereby maximizing the productivity of your small space garden. By simply depositing food scraps into the system, you can easily make compost and feed your surrounding plants with nutrient-dense food. 

The other benefits of a SubPod include:

  • no smell
  • easy to assemble
  • the in-ground worm bin keeps worms happy/ makes it hard to under or overfed worms
  • soil in surrounding garden bed is enriched by the compost
Compost in small spaced- picture of SubPod Mini in the Subpod Modbed with text overlay- Compost in small spaces

Cons of the SubPod Modbed Garden Bundle

Because the Modbed only has a SubPod Mini, it is not as easy to collect finished compost as it is in the original SubPod with a dual chamber.

That’s okay though! A simple solution is to use another compost method while you wait for the finished compost.

You can see more compost systems here.

Watch my SubPod Modbed Garden Review on YouTube!

How is the SubPod Modbed different from traditional composting methods?

The Modbed’s Subpod mini functions as a vermicompost system, relying on worms to break down food waste. While the food would eventually decompose without worms, it would take a longer time and emit unpleasant odors. The Subpod, on the other hand, is specifically designed to be used with worms.

The Subpod shares similarities with other vermicomposting methods, where you add food to a worm bin and let the worms do their job, resulting in high-quality vermicompost.

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What sets the Subpod apart is its unique feature that allows worms to freely move between the garden bed and the compost system. This is advantageous because it eliminates concerns about under or overfeeding the worms. Additionally, the Subpod distinguishes itself by being conveniently packaged and easy to assemble as a compost system.

The SubPod image with text overlay balcony planter + composter

Overall SubPod Modbed Review- Do I recommend it? Is the Subpod Modbed worth the Money?

Just as my overall review of a SubPod with the Steel Garden Bed was undoubtedly positive, so is this one!

It was pretty easy to put the Modbed garden bed together. It only took a few hours and I could easily put it together by myself. 

The fact that the bundle comes with a SubPod mini is pretty great. It makes it so easy to put together a compact garden in conjunction with a worm farm. If you are short on space, then this is the best thing you can get to compost and garden. 

So, is the Subpod Modbed actually worth the money? In my opinion, absolutely. The Modbed Balcony Planter itself is pricey, coming in at over $400. When you put the SubPod Mini in with it as a Balcony Grow Bundle, that brings the price to over $500. 

Add a Subpod Mini to an existing balcony planter to save money. If you already have a nice balcony planter, consider buying a SubPod Mini to put in it to increase the productivity of your garden. If you don’t already have a balcony planter, I would most certainly recommend the Modbed Balcony Planter. It is well made and worth the price! 

So, no you don’t necessarily need to spend the money on this, but oh, it is so convenient and beautiful and totally worth the price tag if you have the money to spend. 

Hannah putting compost in the SubPod Modbed with text overlay SubPod Modbed review Compost + planter

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More love and praise for the SubPod Modbed

With the SubPod Modbed, you can enjoy the benefits of gardening activities without the need for extensive manual labor. This hands-off system creates a living space for compost worms, allowing them to convert food waste into nutrient-rich compost and worm castings. The unique channel system and mesh cover ensure optimal airflow, promoting the composting process and maintaining fresh air circulation.

By integrating the SubPod Modbed into your small outdoor space, you can create a closed-loop garden that feeds people while reducing waste. This complete Modbed bundle includes a grow bed and SubPod compost bins, making it an all-in-one solution for sustainable gardening. You can grow your own food and contribute to the green space in your community, fostering a natural habitat for beneficial organisms.

What sets the SubPod Modbed apart is its commitment to convenience and efficiency. Its compact footprint and rot-proof construction ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. The rich compost produced by the system acts as a natural fertilizer, enhancing the fertility of your soil and boosting the productivity of your mini garden.

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