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Lomi Home Composter- Compost Bioplastics & Food at Home

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Get ready to live in a world where electric home composters are the norm. A few years ago, composting was limited to backyard piles or large commercial scale composting. With the announcement of the Lomi Home Composter by Pela Case, and the already popular Vitamix Food Cycler, it seems that electric home composters will soon be a regular staple in the kitchen.

In order to help you make the best consumer choices when it comes to purchasing compost related products, we’ve got all the details on the Lomi Home Composter.

What makes the Lomi Home Composter different from other electric composters?

At first glance, the Lomi Home Composter looks just like all the other electric composters. These composters work by drying out the food like a dehydrator, then grinding up the waste. In a sense electric composters aren’t actually composting, these devices simply dry and grind, allowing you to dispose of the waste directly into your garden.

Head to Amazon now to check out the current price on the Lomi Electric Composter. If it is under $500, then you’re getting a good deal!

So, what makes the Lomi Home Composter different from the Vitamix Food Cycler and other popular electric composters? This is the first electric composter that claims to be able to break down bio plastics.

This is huge!

Lomi is the first home composter that can break down bioplastics

Bioplastics are plastics made out of plant based materials. This means that they can be composted. However, bioplastics notoriously take forever to break down in traditional backyard compost systems.

Compostable products and bioplastics typically have to be sent to large commercial scale compost sites in order to break down correctly. Most Americans don’t have access to a commercial scale compost site, but we do have access to a ton of wonderful compostable products.

Pela Case is just one example of a compostable product that often ends up in a landfill. The popular phone cases, AirPod cases, and sunglasses can now be composted with the Lomi Home Composter.

Where can I buy a Lomi Home Composter?

You can purchase a Lomi Electric Composter on Amazon and the Lomi website.

Typically you’ll find that the prices are similar if not the same.

If you see it for under $500 then you’re getting a good deal!

Learn more about the Lomi Home Composter here.

What other electric composters are on the market?

While we haven’t had the pleasure of testing out the Lomi Home Composter, we have personally tested the Vitamix Food Cycler.

Get more details about the different types of electric composter by reading this article here.

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